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Explore Our Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Explore our comprehensive cleaning services for every home. Regular, deep, and move-in/out cleaning tailored for you.

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Customized Cleaning for Every Home
Majestic Cleaning Services: What We Offer
Explore Our Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA
From regular upkeep to deep cleans and move-in/out services, we've got your Atlanta home covered with our comprehensive cleaning solutions.
Cleaning is Deeper With Majestic
Imagine this: After a long day, you return home, seeking tranquility. As the door swings open, instead of confronting dust layers and smudged windows, you're welcomed by the sheer brilliance of a spotlessly clean space.
Feels wonderful, doesn't it?
With Majestic Cleaning Services, that serene "Ahh" moment of unwinding becomes a regular part of your life. Our skilled cleaning team is on standby, prepared to deliver the pristine cleanliness you crave. From routine visits keeping your abode in impeccable order to specialized deep cleans during life's transitions, like moving in or out, we're here to ensure your home or office is impeccably maintained.
Explore Our Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta, Georgia
Explore Our Cleaning Services: Finding Your Perfect Match
Choose Majestic Cleaning Services' experts as frequently or occasionally as you require! Whether you're managing a full-time job, family responsibilities, or seeking some personal downtime, our weekly or biweekly cleaning services could be your perfect match.
Are you up to date with routine cleaning but preparing for guests? Opt for our deep cleaning or special occasion services to make your space shine.
Regardless of your specific needs, Majestic delivers consistent, professional care for your home. Guided by our comprehensive 48-Point Checklist, we ensure every job meets our high standards. With Majestic's commitment to excellence, you're guaranteed to be delighted with the results.
  • Routine Cleaning
    Ongoing, regular housekeeping service that gives you that clean house feeling as often as you want it.
  • Deep Cleaning
    Intensive Deep Clean service that thoroughly revitalizes your space, making it feel brand new.
  • Move-In Cleaning
    Start with a clean slate (literally) by getting a deep clean before you unpack.
  • Rental Property Cleaning
    Get your property ready for its next tenant. They'll never know anyone else was ever there!
  • Holiday Cleaning
    Relax and enjoy your celebration with a deep clean to kick off your holiday season.
  • Move-Out Cleaning
    Ensure you get that security deposit back with our professional cleans.
  • One-Time Cleaning
    Get your whole house (or just part of it) cleaned when you want, for whatever reason. Yes, even surprise guests!
  • Home Sale Prep Cleaning
    Get your closets ready to be inspected by buyers with a deep clean that'll get your home in shape to show off.
  • Fall & Spring Cleaning
    Usher in a new season by getting rid of the dust and grime that's accumulated.
  • Special Event Cleaning
    Backyard weddings are great, but getting your space ready to be shown off can be stressful. Let us help!
  • Office Cleaning
    Continuous, routine office cleaning service that maintains a pristine workplace environment as frequently as you desire.
Choosing the Ideal Cleaning Schedule
At Majestic Cleaning Services, we understand the importance of flexibility and personalized service. Unlike other companies, we don't require you to sign a contract that dictates the frequency of your cleaning sessions. We believe in providing adaptable, customized cleaning plans that align with your unique requirements.
For those who prefer the convenience of a set schedule, we offer Routine Cleaning plans tailored to your lifestyle. Select from our range of popular cleaning frequencies to ensure your home or office remains impeccably clean.
Weekly Cleaning Services
Life's busy, and it shows in your living spaces—from dusty shelves to sinks needing a shine. Majestic Cleaning Services offers tailored regular cleaning to refresh your home without lifting a finger. Ideal for bustling families, frequent hosts, or anyone seeking a consistently clean home. Flexibility is key; change or pause your weekly cleaning schedule as your life demands, ensuring our service fits seamlessly into your routine.
Biweekly Cleaning Services
For those seeking a balance between frequent cleaning and privacy, our bi-weekly cleaning services offer the perfect solution. Enjoy sparkling floors and spotless showers with visits that fit comfortably into your schedule, making it our most favored cleaning frequency among clients.
Monthly Cleaning Services
Whether you're adept at daily tidying but dislike deep cleaning tasks like scrubbing toilets, our services are a perfect fit. Opt for our monthly cleaning for routine upkeep, or utilize our flexible scheduling for one-off deep cleans—ideal for holiday hosting or quick refreshes between visits.
Explore Our Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas Explore Our Professional Cleaning Services in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas
No Contract?
No Problem.
At Majestic Cleaning Services, we prioritize flexibility over contracts, allowing you to customize your cleaning schedule as needed. Whether you begin with a Deep Clean and switch to bi-weekly sessions, or prefer a different arrangement, our goal is to consistently deliver the exceptional clean you desire at every visit.